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Hi, I’m Ashikur
CS & Growth Expert

I am a dynamic and proactive professional, known for my exceptional work ethic and sharp problem-solving abilities. With a keen eye for opportunities, I consistently take the initiative to seek out and capitalize on them. My focused mindset drives me to effectively manage and develop businesses, leveraging a diverse skill set that I bring to the table.


My Expertise

Business Management

I excel as a business management specialist, skilled in recognizing avenues for growth, nurturing valuable alliances, and executing impactful strategies to propel business advancement and achievement.

Business Development

I am a business development expert, adept at identifying growth opportunities, fostering strategic partnerships, and implementing effective strategies to drive business expansion and success.

Operation Management

As an experienced operations manager, I excel in overseeing and optimizing daily business operations. I specialize in developing efficient processes, managing teams, analyzing performance, and mitigating risks.

Customer Support & Relationship

As an experienced professional in customer support and relationship management, I possess the skills and expertise to deliver exceptional customer service and foster strong relationships with clients

BackEnd Engineer

With extensive back-end development experience, I proficiently manage various server-side technologies to build robust and scalable applications. Seamlessly integrating functionality and performance, I also excel in database optimization and security to enhance system efficiency and reliability.

Cloud & Web3 Developer

With a wealth of experience in cloud and Web3 development, I skillfully manage decentralized technologies to create secure and scalable applications. By seamlessly blending blockchain integration with cloud solutions, I excel in developing smart contracts and distributed systems, ensuring robust performance and enhanced security.

Highlighting some of the most notable projects and companies where I have excelled

Great Experience

7+ Years of Experience

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Bigone Exchange

Scott Trip

Marketing Lead

Business Development Manager

Bigone Exchange

Ashikur is an amazing person. I worked with him at BigONE Exchange. He is attentive to the job he is working and I question if he even sleeps with the hours he puts in!

Plutusfi Ltd

Arthor Picolo

Business Manager

Business Development Manager


Ash is an absolute beast when it comes to building brands and growing businesses. He's got that special touch that turns ordinary ideas into extraordinary success stories.

Biconomy Exchange

Ez Ferdi

Marketing Manager

Operation Manager


I've had the pleasure of working with Ashikur, and let me tell you, he's a force to be reckoned with. His passion and hard work are unmatched, and he's always up for a challenge. He's the real deal!

Biconomy Exchange

Dmitriy Sheludko


Operation Manager


Working alongside Ashikur has been an absolute pleasure. His relentless drive and unwavering commitment truly set him apart, making every challenge seem like a walk in the park. He's an undeniable powerhouse of talent and dedication!

Hotbit Exchange

Cyrus Wong

Global Marketing Director

Customer Support Lead


Collaborating with Ashikur in our customer support team has been an absolute pleasure. His relentless energy and unwavering determination reflect in every customer interaction. His proactive approach to addressing challenges is truly praiseworthy. A standout leader in the realm of customer support!

Hotbit Exchange

Stuart G.Hall

PR & Marketing

Business Development Manager

Bigone LTD

Ashikur has a proven ability to manage challenging tasks effectively. He is also very intelligent and adaptable, which allows him to navigate complex situations with ease. Ashikur is a valuable asset to any team, and I highly recommend him for any position that requires problem-solving skills or the ability to work independently.

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Ashikur Rahaman

High Skilled & Experienced Asset

I am available for On-Site, Hybrid, Remote, Contact, work. Lets Build Together.

Phone: +1 (409) 965-5574 Email: Contact@Ashikurrahaman.com